How I started my own Management Consulting Business from scratch and made $593,000 in sales in the first 12 months!

Let me give you that 14+ years of experience ‘canned’ to just the essentials, that will empower you and boost your success, just like it has mine! You can’t learn this in books. And… It’s Free!

You’ve probably been thinking of breaking out on your own, into management consulting for a few years. But it’s hard to get started isn’t it? How do you actually get to be a consultant? It’s not really something you can learn at the local college.

All sorts of questions run around your head:

  • How do I structure the business?
  • How do I find customers?
  • How can I ensure my income will be sufficient?
  • Do I really have what it takes? Will people take me seriously?

Since you’re here, you’ve probably heard the story of how I started my own consulting business in 1997, and made nearly $600,000 in sales in the first year. And today I own a multi million dollar International Group of five Businesses, three of which are consulting businesses.

I’ve had so many people ask me “how’d you do it?” and “can you show me how to do the same thing?” that I’ve decided to put together this website to help you. I decided that I’d really like to be able to bring all this knowledge and experience to a broader audience of people.

And I’ve aimed it right at those of you who:

  • Probably work in a medium to large corporate and want to work for yourself.
  • Are smart, well educated and ambitious
  • Have never tried consulting before.
  • Maybe tried and it didn’t work for you!
  • See having your own consulting business as a way of finally getting out of the rat race.
  • Want to be your own boss.
  • Want to make the kind of money you know you are worth and deserve.

So you’ll find some great information here to guide you to achieving these goals:

  1. To launch your own consulting business with minimum risk and every chance of outstanding success.
  2. To be your own boss finally, so you can reap the rewards of your efforts.
  3. To have more freedom in your work life so you can enjoy your non working life more.
  4. To finally have financial freedom and the income you deserve.

And it’s designed to help you:

  1. Establish what services you are going to provide and how these will be differentiated.
  2. Clearly identify your target market and how you will initially reach them.
  3. Decide, are you going to be a consultant or a contractor? Make sure you know the difference.
  4. Work out what business structure and workplace will suit you best.
  5. List all the additional resources you will need to start and that you might need as you grow
  6. Prepare an outline business plan and your financial goals
  7. Prepare an outline marketing plan

This ‘step by step’ practical information on how to be a consultant, in plain English, will really help you get started. It’s taken me over 30 years to gain this knowledge, the last 14 years managing my own consulting businesses. And I don’t want you to have to wait that long. I’ve had a great career in Management Consulting. I’ve learned what I know the hard way and made lots of mistakes along the way.

So why would I want to give away free, the gems that I’ve learned over those 30+ years? What’s the catch I hear you ask? Well, I know that if you get this information now, that if in the future your clients need the help of Supply Chain and Logistics consultants (that’s what my own business is about), you are more likely to refer me and my company than one of my competitors. So I’m sowing a seed and you’re getting the benefit.

And hey, I’ve met some great people along that 30 year journey who have enriched my understanding of business and so I think it’s time I ‘gave back’ a bit to help those wanting to learn more. So if I can help you in your career, like others have helped me, well that makes me feel good too.

When you fill out your details in the boxes below, you’ll get all the information you need to allow you to start on the path to those goals. Good luck!!

Get clear and confident about the next steps to grow your business

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