How to Succeed at Your Initial Client Meeting

As an independent management consultant, you'll need to get used to spending plenty of time in meetings. This may be something you've become used to as part of your current or previous job, but your role in meetings will probably be very different as an independent...

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3 Tips to Manage Scope Creep in Client Projects

To some consultants it's a curse. To others it's an opportunity. For new consulting professionals though, scope creep in client projects is something to be aware of early on and to learn how to manage. If you aren't able to manage scope creep effectively, it will cost...

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How to Manage Customer Expectations As A Consultant

If ever there was a line of work in which there’s no such thing as black and white, it’s consulting. There is no grand consultant’s code to follow. There is no standard framework within which to conduct your activities. Every project can be as clear cut or as vague as...

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